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The spires of St. Wenceslas Cathedral rise high over Prague Castle and the roofs of Mala Strana. Photo by Jorn Ake ©2004


Your feet are tired, your stomach is growling and you're thirsty like a dog. Fortunately Prague is no longer a desert when it comes to eating out.

To be sure there are still plenty of places sprinkled liberally throughout the center, the outskirts and villages which will serve a huge hunk of roasted pork knee and a marvelous, frosty cold half liter of Pilsner Urquell Pivo. But now, it's not the only kind of food available in the golden city or the rest of the country, for that matter.

There is plenty of fine dining, wine and cocktail bars, pizzerias, steak houses, sushi places, Irish pubs, sports bars, coffee houses, cafes, fast food, slow food, traditional and non-traditional food, even something for vegetarians. In fact, there's so much to choose from now, it's almost confusing.

That's why on this page you'll find a few of our favorite restaurants. We list places which are good for lunch, places which are good for dinner, places which are good for an excellent coffee. In fact, the only thing we won't recommend on this page is lousy food with bad service. So if you want some hints before you come or while you're here, read on (reservations are recommend at all these places).

Lunch joints

Orange Moon, Ramova 5, Praha 1, tel: 222 325 119. We LOVE this place for lunch. They have a daily lunch special from 89 CZK (less than 3 Euros) which is really tasty. Throw in a mineral water and coffee and you're still dining for under 150 CZK (5 Euros). If you want a different taste sensation after dining Czech style, go here and give their curries or noodles a go.

Cantina, Ujezd 38, Praha 1, tel 257 317 173. A Czech-Mex-style restaurant offering excellent lunch specials and reasonable dining as well. Czech-Mex means they offer Mexican dishes done in the Czech style. We'll leave it to your imagination as to what that really means. If you plan to go here for dinner, reservations are a must, and try to book early.

Beas, Tynska 19, Praha 1, no telephone because they don't take reservations. This is a non-smoking vegetarian buffet restaurant which is always packed and rarely misses with the food. Another lunching favorite of ours, menus range from 69 - 124 CZK.

H2O, Opatovicka 5, Prague 1, tel 224 930 768. Best Caesar salad and arguably the best burgers in Prague. Another great place for lunch they have a three choice luncheon menu and their soups are top notch. Ok, the wait staff can be slow and surely, but the food is definitely worth it. A note of caution, stay well away from the house "Italian" red wine, it tastes like rotten grapes. You're much better off ordering a bottle of Australian syrah.

Universal, V Jircharich 6, Prague 1, 224 918 182. A good selection of "French" food with a good dose of sensible Czech cooking thrown in. They also have a good lunch menu for under 100 CZK. The wait staff is friendly and they offer the best value for brunch on Sundays from 11 AM of anywhere in town.

Orsa Bruno, Vodni 11, Prague 5, 257 326 287. Bruno, the large Italian owner and chief chef of this restaurant will happily serve you a one, two or three course lunch. Reasonable prices and excellent Italian bistro food is what this place is all about.

Supper and upscale dining

Our new favorite restaurant is called Vecchio Borgo, U pernikarky 111/2A, tel. 257 220 499, which is run by a very nice Italian fellow named Roberto Battioni. Call him for reservations and make sure to ask for seating in the bar. Dispense with the menu, ask Roberto what he has fresh and let him prepare a meal to tickle your tastebuds. Combine his outstanding pasta and meat with his excellent choice of Italian wine and you'll have a meal you won't soon forget.

Well off the beaten path, but of excellent value and taste is Atelier, Na Kovarne 8, Praha 10 tel: 271 721 866. A very good menu which is freshly prepared daily in a lovely setting in Prague's Vrsovice district this is a great place to get to if you are spending more than just a few days in Prague.

For fancier dining, our personal current favorite is C'est La Vie, Ricni 1, Prague 1, Mala Strana, tel: 257 321 511, on the river bank just next to Kampa park. This restaurant has an excellent (but somewhat overpriced) wine list to match its absolutely excellent food. The starters are priced around 200-300 CZK and the entrees from 400 CZK. It's on the high end price-wise for food in Prague, but you certainly won't be disappointed. If you have a chance to enjoy the river during the summer, you'll remember it as your favorite meal in Prague.

For excellent French food try Circle Line, Malostranske Namesti 12 , Prague 1, tel. 257 530 021-3 next to the Musical Academy. Again on the higher end of the price range for Prague, about 500 CZK per main course, their fish is really great and they have an outstanding range of Czech wines. This place is better in the winter or fall rather than summer though (no outside tables to speak of), although the food is great any time.

If you want to try French food outside, then make a booking at Kampa Park, located at Na Kampe 83, Prague 1, tel. 257 532 685. This is another great restaurant at the high end of the price range for Prague. On the Vltava river with a swell view of the Charles Bridge and an outdoor terrace, it can't be beat for romance and great food. A reservation is a must in the summer, especially if you want to get a table outside.

Just under the castle garden is Palffy Palac, Valdstejnska 14, Prague 1, tel. 257 530 522. This restaurant is in a musical academy, hidden up a flight of stone stairs and in a back room. The ceilings are high and in the evening the only source of light on the tables are huge candelabras. Sheet music plasters the walls and (hopefully) Mozart, Brahms, Bach or Beethoven plays in the background. The menu here is small and on the same price level as the first three, but the romance and enchantment here can't be beat anywhere in town. There's also a terrace for the summer months.

For very good Italian cuisine go to a Croatian run place called Kogo, Havelska 27, Prague 1, tel. 224 214 543. Amazing roasted red peppers as a starter. They also have a good selection of wines and really great pastas and pizzas. Make sure you make a reservation if you're thinking about heading over there.

If you fancy a curry, there are a couple of good Indian/Pakistani places in town. A particular local favorite is Mailsi, Lipanska 1, Prague 3, tel. 603 466 626 a Pakistani place with hot and spicy curries. They'll spice up the curry as hot as you can stand. The restaurant is out of the center in the Zizkov quarter, just up the street from the tram stop "lipanska" on the 9 tram line.

Young Upwardly Mobile Czechs can be found at Dynamo, Pstrossova 29, Prague 1, tel. 224 932 020. This restaurant won an interior design a few years back and the food is good and reasonably priced. They also stock about 100 kinds of whiskey, mostly single malts, for the whiskey drinker.

Another cool place is Radost FX cafe, Belehradska 120, Praha 2, tel: 224 254 776. A vegetarian eatery, they serve an eclectic variety of foods and drinks. There's a lounge attached and a dance club as well, if you want to party late into the night. And if you are out dancing, they start brunch on the weekends at 11H. Probably the best Huevos in town.

The last of our favorites is Stoleti, Karoliny Svetle 21, Prague 1, tel. 222 220 008, which has an interesting and tasty menu and has a good selection of tasty Czech wines. A few outdoor tables on the sidewalk make it a pleasant place to pass the evening in the warmer months.

Czech Eateries

U Sadlu, Klimentska 2, Praha 1, tel: 224 813 411. If you have had enough of fancy-pants French or continental dining and you want to get into what Czechs have eaten for years, then you need to go to U Sadlu. The portions are huge, so if you plan to come here, bring your appetite. The duck is the best in Prague (roasted duck with cabbage and dumplings is THE national dish). The pork ribs are the biggest in Prague, and maybe the country. We mean it. Of course the cabbage soup in the bread roll is excellent as are all of the Czech Specialities.

Olympia, Vitezna 7, Praha 5, tel: 251 511 080, also offers traditional fare with the benefit of being a Pilsner Urquell sponsored restaurant. What does that mean for you? Well, Pilsner, arguably the best beer in the world is brought to this bar in a truck, straight from the Pilsner brewery. There are no barrels, no bottles, just beer straight from one tank to your mouth. If you try no other beer in Prague, at least stop by here and have a beer to see what the rest of the world is raving about.

The Staropramen Brewery Pub, Nadrazni 84, Praha 5, tel. 257 191 200 is one of our favorite dining places. An alternative beer to Plsner, it's the local Prague Brew. The pub features all the regular Czech fare and they have a simply wonderful garden to sit out in during the summer months. If you time it right, you can take a brewery tour and then have a big meal at the pub.

Kolkovna, V Kolkovne 8, Praha 1, tel. 224 819 701. Another in the Plsner brewpub family this charming restaurant serves a full Czech menu. Duck, ribs, goulash and the rest are the norm here. They have a lot of tables on the sidewalk as well so if you want some fine outdoor summer dining, give this place a try. Reservations are a must though, especially if you want to be outside.

Cafes, Pubs and Bars

If you want an excellent coffee or place to relax during the afternoon, try Kolibka on Reznicka 10, tel. 296 325 555. At this bar there are five different types of Arabica coffees served plus another 10 types of tea along with the usual bar drinks. You can buy the art off the walls, which has been painted by handicapped people, and support the foundation that sponsors the cafe.

The recently re-opened Savoy Cafe, Vitezna 1, Praha 5 tel: 257 311 561 is one of the more amazing spaces in town. The ceilings are unbelievable, having been recently restore to their original art-deco beauty. The new owners, the Ambiente Group, has set this cafe" up as a French-style bistro and although the food is somewhat small and expensive, it's a beautiful place to enjoy a cup of coffee or some of their excellent opened bottles of wine.

For a pleasant cup of coffee in a beautiful art deco building, try JAM Cafe" on the first floor of the Narodni 25 Pasage. Very friendly service, very good coffee, very good prices.

If you fancy sitting outside, you can also try the Platyz cafe which is in (appropriately) the Platyz passage, between Narodni and Rytirska streets. We recommend in summer, the Cafe Frape which is like a coffee ice cream shake! They have a bunch of tables in the courtyard so during the warmer months it's one of the nicest places to sit out and watch the town pass by.

If it's one of those rare, unbearably hot days in Prague go to Cream and Dream and get yourself a real Italian Gelato. We know this because the owner is a good friend of ours, from Trentino, northern Italy, and he's a gelato fanatic. The small Cream and Dreams are on Husova Street and Mostecka street, on either side of the Charles Bridge. If you want to sit down, then go to his Cremeria d'Milano, on Parziska Street and treat yourself to a wonderful bit of Italy.

Dancing late night is done at the Roxy on Dlouha street, which opens at 11 pm, Mecca in Prague 7 or at Karlovy Lazne, near the Charles Bridge. Good bars are Solidni Nejistota on Pstrossova, Seventh Heaven on Zborovska, the Blue Light on Josefska, St. Nicholas on Trziste (down the street from Vlasska 8), U Maleho Glena on Karmelitska and M1 on Masna street near Old Town Square.

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