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Selected appartment:


  • 90m2
  • Regular season:
    €120.00 per night
  • Low season:
    €100.00 per night
  • Holiday season:
    €180.00 per night
  • High season:
    €140.00 per night

Restaurants and bars nearby

Paneria bakery, Nekazanka 19, tel: 222 243 207, 3 minutes walk - Left out the door, left down Ruzova, at the end of the street opposite is the bakery - good for breakfast and coffee, they sell good bread and pastries.

Kogo, Na Prikope 10, Tel 221 451 259, 8 minutes walk - Again, left and left down Ruzova, straight ahead down Nekazanka street, turn right when it t's at the bottom, go into Slovansky Dum and the restaurant is in the garden. They have one of Prague's best gardens and the food is excellent and moderately priced to boot. Good wine list of Croatian, Montenegrin wines.

Bredovsky Dvur, Politickych veznu 13, tel 224 215 428, 1 minute walk - Out the door, to the right, cross over, on the corner. Upscale typical Czech pub. Good for a beer, a quick bite or lunch. Not highly recommended for dinner though.

Istanbul, 3 minutes walk - Out the door, to the right, left on Politickych Veznu, up the street 50 meters on the left side. A decent Kebab place. Friendly staff, chicken and lamb gyros. The usual Kebab food. Not a great place for dinner.

Pizzeria Felicita, Pujcovny 3, 3 minutes walk - Down Ruzova street, first right, 20 meters on the right. Good pizza, good pastas, good prices, friendly staff.

Ruzova tea shop, 2 minutes walk - Down Ruzova street, 20 meters on the left. Nice selection of teas and a pleasant atmosphere. Sip tea there or take it back to the flat for some later brewing.

Any place on Wenceslas Square is close, out the door, to the right, right at the end of the block and left on the tram street. One block later you are standing on Wenceslas Square, heart of Prague. Plenty of hotels and restaurants on this boulevard.

For even more restaurants click on this link and then mouse over the crossed fork and knives to see what's in the 'hood.