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  • 100m2
  • Regular season:
    €120.00 per night
  • Low season:
    €100.00 per night
  • Holiday season:
    €180.00 per night
  • High season:
    €140.00 per night

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One cannot go to Prague and not see the Castle. Likewise, one cannot miss Wenceslas Square, site of the 1989 "Velvet Revolution," the 1968 Soviet Invasion and current commercial center in the heart of Prague. A long wide street lined with elegant hotels and shops it is dominated, at the top, by the National Museum. Restaurants and shops alike are crammed with tourists and Czechs, all dining out, shopping and enjoying the flourishing center.

All three metro lines run from Wenceslas Square as do a variety of trams, making it possible to whisk anywhere in the city in a matter of minutes. But Prague is best viewed on foot, and Wenceslas Square is mere minutes from Old Town Square's famous Astrological clock and the beautiful ancient Charles Bridge, spanning the Vltava River. Whatever your preference, it's easy to do from Wenceslas Square.

Prague Accommodations' apartment is in an early 20th century building on Spanelska street, which overlooks the Main Wilson Train station and the Museum on the top of Wenceslas Square. When the sun sinks behind Museum and the clouds light up pink and gold, Prague seems even more magical than imagined in books and fairy tales.

Up one flight of stairs this quiet and lovely two-bedroom flat is on a raised ground floor. Parquet floors accent the lovely furniture and fittings in the apartment. The master bedroom, looking out into the quiet back garden, has a wrought-iron bed and two bedside lamps atop period night tables. The wardrobe is spacious enough to hang your clothes making sure they stay wrinkle-free for a night at the opera or theater.

The second bedroom, just off the living room, has two beautiful single beds and two matching wardrobes. In the living room there are two facing couches (each doubling as a single bed), a dining table and chairs, a beautiful “comfy” chair to relax in and matching reading lamp. We even acquired a small stereo so you can put in a CD and listen to your favorite music as you while away your mornings or evenings.

The kitchen has all the modern conveniences including a microwave, a gas range with electric convection oven and a large 'fridge. There's even a dishwasher so you don't have to waste time doing the dishes. The spacious kitchen offers plenty of room to lounge around in and makes it the place to gather and cook, snack or simply enjoy yourself after a long day of being in the city.

In the bath you'll find a large sink and standup shower corner. We also put in a washing machine so if you find yourself without clothes after a week or more on the road, you can do a load of laundry and be ready for more sight seeing. There's an additional toilet in the main hall for those morning “situations.”

Current Prices for this Apartment:

Low season: €100 per night
Regular season: €120 per night
High season: €140 per night
Holiday season: €180 per night


Our Seasons:

Low season: November, December, January, February
Regular season: March, June, July, August
High season: April, May, September, October
Holiday season: Easter, Christmas, New Years.

Cancellation policy - full refund if your reservation is canceled more than seven days before arrival date. One night penalty charge for canceling three to seven days before arrival and a 100% penalty charge applies for cancellation within three days.