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Selected appartment:


  • 70m2
  • Regular season:
    €80.00 per night
  • Low season:
    €65.00 per night
  • Holiday season:
    €135.00 per night
  • High season:
    €95.00 per night

Restaurants and bars nearby

Paneria bakery, Francouzska 20, tel. 222 515 473, 5 minutes walk - Left out the door, left and then right on the tram street, cross over, 20 meters along. Good for breakfast and coffee, they sell good bread and pastries.

Coffee shop Lavazza, 5 minutes walk - Out to Francouzska street right, right and right again and it's there. Good for having a coffee in the afternoon or before getting out in the morning.

Atelier, Na Kovarne 8, Praha 10 tel: 271 721 866, 15 minutes walk - Out to Francouzska street, go down the hill to where the trams turn right, follow them around to the church and cut down the small street next to the church and you'll see the restaurant. Also on our list of recommended restaurants. Very nice, good food, not expensive, tasty and off the beaten track. You'll be impressed and surprised with this find so close to the flat.

Pizzeria Pravek, Budecska 6, tel. 224 252 287, 3 minutes walk - Down to the bottom of Luzicka, left and it's right there. Typical Czech pizza, nice seating on the sidewalk in the summer. Not expensive but then it's not fancy either. But it's close and it's acceptable so...

Retro Cafe, Francouzska 4, tel. 603 176 111, 7 minutes walk - just above Namesti Miru on the left side (down from the Paneria), they have breakfast, lunch dinner, coffee. Kind of sterile inside as they went for the 1930's style and didn't quite pull it off, but a valiant effort.

For more restaurants, click on the this link and then mouse over the crossed knives and forks.