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Vlašská 1

  • 50m2
  • Regular season:
    €99.00 per night
  • Low season:
    €80.00 per night
  • Holiday season:
    €170.00 per night
  • High season:
    €120.00 per night

Apartment FAQ

Here is a list of all the equipment available in Vlasska 1






Wall heaters in the winter are turned on by a rocker switch on the side of each individual heater and the temperature is adjusted with the thermostat on the heater. The heaters run about 14 hours a day and are controlled by the city, so it's best to leave them on and let the flat get warm.

Wifi internet access is available. Your computer MUST have a wifi card, however, to connect.

There is no television or cable.

We do not supply a hair dryer, so please bring your own.

Power supplies in the Czech Republic are 220V.