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A view of the stairs which lead up from Kampa Park to the Charles Bridge.

Check in and Luggage Storage and payment

Check in time is 15H (3 pm). Should you arrive to Prague earlier, we have a storage closet where we can put your luggage until your flat is ready.

You must pay when you check into the apartment. If you choose to have our driver pick you up at the airport or train station, you can pay him when he checks you into the flat. If you arrive to the apartment by yourself, you will be met and checked into the apartment.

Please remember to have your full payment ready upon check in. We prefer to be paid in cash either Euros or Czech Crowns. We also accept credit cards although we prefer to be paid in cash and save the bank charges. You may also wire the money directly to our account if you desire. We do not accept travelers or personal checks.

Check out and Luggage Storage

We ask you to be packed up and ready to leave your apartment by 12H (noon) on the day of your departure. Should your flight or train leave later, we can arrange to store your luggage until you leave.

Apartment Cleaning

We need this three-hour window in order to clean up the apartment, making it spic and span for you or the next client coming after your stay. If you need to leave later, please call us on 251 512 502 to arrange the storage of your things.

Airport and Train station pickup

Mira and Jan Skorepa are our contract drivers. Friendly, reliable, helpful, they are at your service. If you wish to be picked up at the airport, either of Prague's two train stations, the bus station or even at a hotel or rental car agency, one of these two friendly fellows will do it. They charge 700 CZK for a ride from or to the airport, and 400 CZK for a ride from or to the train or bus stations.

Since all of the taxi drivers at the airport and train stations are not what we would call "honest," we highly recommend booking Mira or Jan to come and get you. They will also check you into your apartment and take your payment so the transition from your arrival point to your flat is seamless and comfortable.

If you want to go somewhere else in the country, you can talk to Mira and he'll make arrangements.